Hi foodies!

Welcome to my blog. Before we start digging I wanted to catch you up on who I am. I’m 23 years old from Toronto, Ontario. I grew up in a house full of home cooked meals and fresh baked goods. University was a wake up call for me because when I moved out the three course dinners did not come with me. Learning how to cook healthy and tasty meals on a budget took a few years. The learning process though was one I am grateful for though because thats how I found out how to change recipes to suit your needs. What if you don’t have a crucial component to your recipe? Don’t have a car and theres 5 ft of snow outside and the grocery store is too far to walk? You have to work with what you got. Sometimes in the end being open to alternatives  is the best thing because you end up expanding your horizons, and your taste buds!


Hope you enjoy my recipes & please share your yummy creations!